High-precision early warning system for rice cadmium accumulation risk assessment

作  者:Yan HL, Guo HY, Li T, Zhang HZF, Xu WX, Xie JY, Zhu XY, Yu YJ, Chen J, Zhao SQ, Xu J, Hu MJ, Jiang YG, Zhang HL, Ma M, He ZY*
刊物名称:Science of The Total Environment
卷:859  期:  页码:160135


Rapid global industrialization has resulted in widespread cadmium contamination in agricultural soils and products. A considerable proportion of rice consumers are exposed to Cd levels above the provisional safe intake limit, raising widespread environmental concerns on risk management. Therefore, a generalized approach is urgently needed to enable correct evaluation and early warning of cadmium contaminants in rice products. Combining big data and computer science together, this study developed a system named “SMART Cd Early Warning”, which integrated 4 modules including genotype-to-phenotype (G2P) modelling, high-throughput sequencing, G2P prediction and rice Cd contamination risk assessment, for rice cadmium accumulation early warning. This system can rapidly assess the risk of rice cadmium accumulation by genotyping leaves at seeding stage. The parameters including statistical methods, population size, training population-testing population ratio, SNP density were assessed to ensure G2P model exhibited superior performance in terms of prediction precision (up to 0.76 ± 0.003) and computing efficiency (within 2 h). In field trials of cadmium-contaminated farmlands in Wenling and Fuyang city, Zhejiang Province, “SMART Cd Early Warning” exhibited superior capability for identification risk rice varieties, suggesting a potential of “SMART Cd Early-Warning system” in OsGCd risk assessment and early warning in the age of smart.