Transcription factors NAC20 and NAC26 interact with RPBF to activate albumin accumulations in rice endosperm

作  者:Wu MW, Liu JX, Bai X, Chen WQ, Ren YL, Liu JL, Chen MM, Zhao H, Yao XF, Zhang JD, Wan JM, Liu CM*
刊物名称:Plant Biotechnology Journal
卷:  期:  页码:DOI: 10.1111/pbi.13994


Storage proteins (SPs) and starch deposited in cereal endosperms are the most important sources of human food. SPs are classified into glutelins, prolamins, albumins and globulins according to their solubility in various solvents (Müntz, 1998). Most of these proteins are encoded by multiple genes and deposited specifically in endosperms through the regulation of transcription factors (TFs) (Liu et al., 2022). Among them, albumin is the most abundant water-soluble protein (Müntz, 1998), and the most important allergenic protein in the rice endosperm (Matsuda et al., 1991). Thus, understanding molecular machinery underlying albumin accumulations is critically important.