Spatially explicit estimate of nitrogen effects on soil respiration across the globe

作  者:Liu Y, Men M, Peng ZP, Chen HYH, Yang YH, Peng YF*
刊物名称:Global Change Biology
卷:  期:  页码:DOI:10.1111/gcb.16716


Soil respiration (Rs), as the second largest flux of carbon dioxide (CO2) between terrestrial ecosystems and the atmosphere, is vulnerable to global nitrogen (N) enrichment. However, the global distribution of the N effects on Rs remains uncertain. Here, we compiled a new database containing 1282 observations of Rs and its heterotrophic component (Rh) in field N manipulative experiments from 317 published papers. Using this up-to-date database, we first performed a formal meta-analysis to explore the responses of Rs and Rh to N addition, and then presented a global spatially explicit quantification of the N effects using a Random Forest model. Our results showed that experimental N addition significantly increased Rs but had a minimal impact on Rh, not supporting the prevailing view that N enrichment inhibits soil microbial respiration. For the major biomes, the magnitude of N input was the main determinant of the spatial variation in Rs response, while the most important predictors for Rh response were biome specific. Based on the key predictors, global mapping visually demonstrated a positive N effect in the regions with higher anthropogenic N inputs (i.e., atmospheric N deposition and agricultural fertilization). Overall, our analysis not only provides novel insight into the N effects on soil CO2 fluxes, but also presents a spatially explicit assessment of the N effects at the global scale, which are pivotal for understanding ecosystem carbon dynamics in future scenarios with more frequent anthropogenic activities.