Enhancing ecosystem productivity and stability with increasing canopy structural complexity in global forests

作  者:Liu XQ, Feng YH, Hu TY, Luo Y, Zhao XX, Wu J, Maeda EE, Ju WM, Liu LL, Guo QH, Su YJ*
刊物名称:Science Advances
卷:10  期:20  页码:eadl1947


Forest canopy structural complexity (CSC) plays a crucial role in shaping forest ecosystem productivity and stability, but the precise nature of their relationships remains controversial. Here, we mapped the global distribution of forest CSC and revealed the factors influencing its distribution using worldwide light detection and ranging data. We find that forest CSC predominantly demonstrates significant positive relationships with forest ecosystem productivity and stability globally, although substantial variations exist among forest ecoregions. The effects of forest CSC on productivity and stability are the balanced results of biodiversity and resource availability, providing valuable insights for comprehending forest ecosystem functions. Managed forests are found to have lower CSC but more potent enhancing effects of forest CSC on ecosystem productivity and stability than intact forests, highlighting the urgent need to integrate forest CSC into the development of forest management plans for effective climate change mitigation.