OsMAPK6 phosphorylation and CLG1 ubiquitylation of GW6a non-additively enhance rice grain size through stabilization of the substrate

作  者:Bai C#, Wang GJ#, Feng XH#, Gao Q#, Wang WQ, Xu R, Guo SJ, Shen SY, Ma M, Lin WH, Liu CM, Li YH, Song XJ*
刊物名称:Nature Communications
卷:15  期:1  页码:4300


The chromatin modifier GRAIN WEIGHT 6a (GW6a) enhances rice grain size and yield. However, little is known about its gene network determining grain size. Here, we report that MITOGEN-ACTIVED PROTEIN KINASE 6 (OsMAPK6) and E3 ligase CHANG LI GENG 1 (CLG1) interact with and target GW6a for phosphorylation and ubiquitylation, respectively. Unexpectedly, however, in vitro and in vivo assays reveal that both of the two post-translational modifications stabilize GW6a. Furthermore, we uncover two major GW6a phosphorylation sites (serine142 and threonine186) targeted by OsMAPK6 serving an important role in modulating grain size. In addition, our genetic and molecular results suggest that the OsMAPK6-GW6a and CLG1-GW6a axes are crucial and operate in a non-additive manner to control grain size. Overall, our findings identify a previously unknown mechanism by which phosphorylation and ubiquitylation non-additively stabilize GW6a to enhance grain size, and reveal correlations and interactions of these posttranslational modifications during rice grain development.