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Sphagnum increases soil's sequestration capacity of mineral-associated organic carbon via activating metal oxides Zhao YP, Liu CZ, Li XQ, Ma LX, Zhai GQ, Feng XJ* 2023 Nature Communications
A high-resolution genotype–phenotype map identifies the TaSPL17 controlling grain number and size in wheat Liu YY#, Chen J#, Yin CB#, Wang ZY, Wu H, Shen KC, Zhang ZL, Kang LP, Xu S, Bi AY, Zhao XB, Xu DX, He ZH, Zhang XY, Hao CY, Wu JH, Gong Y, Yu XC, Sun ZW, Ye BT, Liu DN, Zhang LL, Shen LP, Hao YF*, Ma YZ*, Lu F*, Guo ZF* 2023 Genome Biology
A receptor-like kinase SlFERL mediates immune responses of tomato to Botrytis cinerea by recognizing BcPG1 and fine-tuning MAPK signaling Ji DC#, Liu W#, Cui XM, Liu K, Liu YH, Huang XH, Li BQ, Qin GZ, Chen T*, Tian SP* 2023 New Phytologist
The PIF1/PIF3-MED25-HDA19 transcriptional repression complex regulates phytochrome signaling in Arabidopsis Guo Q, Jing YJ*, Gao Y, Liu YT, Fang XF, Lin RC* 2023 New Phytologist
Overexpression of Taetr1-1 promotes enhanced seed dormancy and ethylene insensitivity in wheat Wei J, Wu XT, Li XY, Soppe WJJ, Cao H*, Liu YX* 2023 Planta
Weak acids produced during anaerobic respiration suppress both photosynthesis and aerobic respiration Pang XJ, Nawrocki WJ, Cardol P, Zheng MY, Jiang JJ, Fang Y, Yang WQ, Croce R, Tian LJ* 2023 Nature Communications
Countries' differentiated responsibilities to fulfill area-based conservation targets of the Kunming-Montreal Global Biodiversity Framework Shen XL#, Liu MZ#, Hanson JO, Wang JY, Locke H, Watson JEM, Ellis EC, Li S*, Ma KP* 2023 One Earth
The pivotal ripening gene SlDML2 participates in regulating disease resistance in tomato Zhou LL, Gao GT, Li XJ, Wang WH, Tian SP, Qin GZ* 2023 Plant Biotechnology Journal
Photosynthetic mechanism of maize yield under fluctuating light environments in the field Wu HY, Qiao MY, Zhang YJ, Kang WJ, Ma QH, Gao HY*, Zhang WF*, Jiang CD* 2023 Plant Physiology
Biogeographic diversification of Actaea (Ranunculaceae): Insights into the historical assembly of deciduous broad-leaved forests in the Northern Hemisphere Ling YY, Xiang KL, Peng HW, Erst AS, Lian L, Zhao L, Jabbour F, Wang W* 2023 Molecular Phylogenetics and Evolution
Evolutionary history of the Arctic flora Zhang J#, Li XQ#, Peng HW, Hai LS, Erst AS, Jabbour F, Ortiz RD, Xia FC*, Soltis PS*, Soltis DE*, Wang W* 2023 Nature Communications
A phytoexclusion strategy for reducing contamination risk of rice based on low-Cd natural variations pyramid of root transporters Yan HL, Liu RX, Peng ZM, Zhang HZF, Hao SN, Guo HY, Wang BH, Wang WP, Yu YJ, Zhang HL, Qian TH, Xu WX, Ma M, He ZY* 2023 Journal of Hazardous Materials
Parallel selection of loss-of-function alleles of Pdh1 orthologous genes in warm-season legumes for pod indehiscence and plasticity is related to precipitation Yong B, Zhu WW, Wei SM, Li BB, Wang Y, Xu N, Lu JJ, Chen QS, He CY* 2023 New Phytologist
Efficient scavenging of reactive carbonyl species in chloroplasts is required for light acclimation and fitness of plants Ji DL, Luo MF, Guo YJ, Li QX, Kong LX, Ge HT, Wang Q, Song QL, Zeng XN, Ma JF, Wang YC, Meurer J, Chi W* 2023 New Phytologist
Phylogenomics and historical biogeography of Hydrangeeae (Hydrangeaceae) elucidate the effects of geologic and climatic dynamics on diversification Yang XD#, Zhang X#, Xue TT#, Zhang XX, Yang FS, Yu JH, Janssens SB*, Bussmann RW, Yu SX* 2023 Proceedings of the Royal Society B-Biological Sciences
Photo-produced aromatic compounds stimulate microbial degradation of dissolved organic carbon in thermokarst lakes Hu J, Kang LY, Li ZL, Feng XH, Liang CF, Wu Z, Zhou W, Liu XN, Yang YH, Chen LY* 2023 Nature Communications
Combined genome-wide association studies and expression quantitative trait locus analysis uncovers a genetic regulatory network of floral organ number in a tree peony (Paeonia suffruticosa Andrews) breeding population Peng LP#, Li Y#, Tan WQ, Wu SW, Hao Q, Tong NN, Wang ZY, Liu ZA*, Shu QY* 2023 Horticulture Research
Identification of virulence-related proteins during Botrytis cinerea-fruit interaction at early phase Liu K#, Liu W#, Huang XH, Liu YH, Cui XM, Zhang ZQ, Li BQ, El-Mogy MM, Tian SP, Chen T* 2023 Postharvest Biology and Technology
Plant economic strategies in two contrasting forests Sun K, Sun RJ, Li YB, Ji HC, Jia BR, Xu ZZ* 2023 BMC Plant Biology
Ecosystem stability is determined by plant defence functional traits and population stability under mowing in a semi-arid temperate steppe Zhang LL, Bai WM, Zhang YH, Lambers H, Zhang WH* 2023 Functional Ecology
The combination of DNA methylation and positive regulation of anthocyanin biosynthesis by MYB and bHLH transcription factors contributes to the petal blotch formation in Xibei tree peony Zhu J, Wang YZ, Wang QY, Li B, Wang XH, Zhou X, Zhang HC, Xu WZ, Li SS, Wang LS* 2023 Horticulture Research
Experimental warming altered plant functional traits and their coordination in a permafrost ecosystem Wei B, Zhang DY, Wang GQ, Liu Y, Li QL, Zheng ZH, Yang GB, Peng YF, Niu KC, Yang YH* 2023 New Phytologist
The Sapria himalayana genome provides new insights into the lifestyle of endoparasitic plants Guo XL#, Hu XD#, Li JW, Shao BY, Wang YJ, Wang L, Li K, Lin DL, Wang HC, Gao ZY, Jiao YN, Wen YY, Ji HY, Ma CB, Ge S, Jiang WK*, Jin XH* 2023 BMC Biology
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Species delimitation and biogeography of Cyphostemma (Vitaceae), emphasizing diversification and ecological adaptation in Madagascar Rabarijaona RN#, Ranaivoson RM#, Yu JR, You YC, Liu B, Ye JF, Barrett RL, Rakotoarinivo M, Lin XL, Wen J, Chen ZD, Lu LM* 2023 Taxon
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Divergent responses of grassland productivity and plant diversity to intra-annual precipitation variability across climate regions: A global synthesis Su JS, Zhang Y, Xu FW* 2023 Journal of Ecology
OsTST1, a key tonoplast sugar transporter from source to sink, plays essential roles in affecting yields and height of rice (Oryza sativa L.) Yang MY, Yang X, Yan Z, Chao Q, Shen J, Shui GH, Guo PM, Wang BC* 2023 Planta
SWAMP: A new experiment for simulating permafrost warming and active layer deepening on the Tibetan Plateau Bai YX, Peng YF, Zhou W, Xie YH, Li QL, Yang GB, Chen LY, Zhu B, Yang YH* 2023 Methods in Ecology and Evolution